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What does YOUR Cabin Air Filter Look Like…?

Cabin Air FilterThe Cabin Air Filter shown at  the bottom of the picture belonged to a 2002 Subaru Outback. The customer was complaining that the volume of air coming out of his Air Conditioning vents was way too low. When technician Russell removed the Cabin Air Filter for inspection he found this plugged up Cabin Air Filter. If that wasn’t enough it also appeared that a mouse had built a nest on top of it at one time! (For comparison purposes look at the new Cabin Air Filter pictured at the top of the picture.) Many, probably most, people don’t know what a Cabin Air Filter is OR if their car is equipped with one. The Cabin Air Filter simply filters out dirt and pollen from the (cold or heated) air that the Ventilation System delivers into the passenger compartment. Most car manufacturers recommend that it be replaced every year -especially if you live in a dusty area like the Palouse! What does YOUR Cabin Air Filter look like? -Jerry

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