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Time Out for Timing Belts…


Timing Belt It’s not a bad idea to get back to basics. Many new customers visiting Jerry’s Auto Repair are surprised when we bring up the topic of the Timing Belt for their car or truck. You can’t even see this Belt unless the engine is partially disassembled. And a bit more problematic is the fact that inspecting the Timing Belt is not a good way to figure out if it should be replaced. They should be replaced on a mileage basis. Most manufactures are recommending 60,000 to 105,000 mile replacement intervals. If you don’t know the recommended interval for your vehicle (or even IF your particular vehicle is equipped with a Timing Belt) be sure to look it up in your Owner’s Manual or check with your shop’s Service Advisor. A broken Timing Belt is no fun. If it breaks your engine will definitely be taking a time out! -Jerry

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