Jerry's Auto Repair Jerry's Auto Repair

All Makes and Models: US • European • Asian
1260 South Grand Avenue, Pullman, WA 99163 • 509-334-7215

Super Helpful and Accommodating!

The staff at Jerry’s Auto Repair were just super helpful when I went to them with my car. They were very accommodating to my needs and catered to what I needed done. They were very flexible that way. They first diagnosed the problem, which didn’t take too long, and offered me a bunch of solutions. Some, I couldn’t afford. So, with their guidance, I chose to do what I could afford. And they took care of it pretty quick. I appreciated that they didn’t try to sell me anything or push for a solution or hurry me along. They even let me keep my care there for a week or so while I figured out what would work for me. They were great. Jill T on Jun 05, 2017

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