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Prevent YOUR Transmission from being a statistic…!

Auto TransEvery year dozens of car, SUV, and truck transmissions fail and require replacement. The majority of these failures could have been prevented with regular transmission fluid service. Most manufacturers are recommending service intervals of 30,000 miles for vehicles using petroleum based transmission fluid and intervals of 60,000 miles for most newer vehicles requiring synthetic transmission fluid. We do it better with BG Products and equipment so let us know if we can help you with this important maintenance. (Also mention this post and get 15% Off your Transmission Service!) -Jerry


  1. Don’t let your transmission go out. It really is not fun when it goes out, because then the fastest you can go is 45 mph, and that’s pushing it. It’s better to try and prevent problems from happening to your transmission.

  2. Hello Jerry! Thanks for the blog. Transmission is one of the most important parts of the vehicle and seeks good maintenance. Glad to find your tips to prevent transmission to get damaged. The time duration or the miles to cover for making replacement of the vehicle differs for different vehicles.

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