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Old Days Are Gone But Not Forgotten…

We purchased this old Sun 450 Scope brand new somewhere in the early 90’s and paid….well a lot more than I want to admit!  “Back in the day” auto technicians used analog technology in order to “analyze” different electrical wave forms in order to diagnose ignition and other electrical problems. It was all about knowing how to read different wave forms on the screen. However we still use our trusty Sun 450 -especially for testing electric fuel pumps for problems. We removed the CPU today for maintenance and should have the Sun 450 Scope back in use soon…


  1. The Sun 450 Scope saved us a ton at 4:30 P.M. in Sydney, NE on a road trip to a wedding. What we thought was going to be thousands of dollars in repairs. We were thinking about the fuel pump. But, it turns out the fuel pump was limiting the gas going through because it wasn’t detecting enough air to mix it with. $50 later, the owner had blown out dust and debris from the “air intake”, and we were back on our way. It was not the fuel pump! Older technology may seem outdated, but it is tried and true!!!

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