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Jerry’s Auto Repair Makeover

I’m pretty excited about some recent changes here at Jerry’s Auto Repair. It all started this summer when a gentlemen walked into my waiting room and asked if I had a few minutes to take a look at something. It was hard to say no because he was carrying what appeared to be a large semi-oval suitcase and I was really curious to know what was inside. I was even more curious after he asked if there was an electrical outlet that he could use. In a few minutes the suitcase was plugged into our waiting room power outlet and a cover removed to reveal a very cool looking illuminated sign. Wow! The full color high resolution demo sign was impressive. Long story short -we bought the sign. Take a look next time you drive by. It is sharp looking by day and an awesome display of illuminated logo by night!

I liked our new street sign so much that I decided that we would re-design our website based on the themes and colors found in our street sign. Somewhere around this time I received an email from a fellow auto repair business owner in Issaquah recommending Kristen Heffley of Caffeinated Communications. After looking at Kristen’s own website I felt she was the person for the job and that decision has proved to be a good one. Kristen has teamed up with Pia Larson of Fingerprint Marketing to create this great new website for us. I asked for a website that is simple, functional, and in keeping with our new “branding” and they’ve done all that and much more. I’m very happy with the results!

Our new website may be a bit like “wet cement” for a while so if you have ideas, suggestions, or improvements this is a great time to let them be known. And thanks to Kristen and Pia we now have a great way to talk with each other. I look forward to hearing from you so don’t be bashful. Blog on!


  1. Jerry’s Auto Repair is a place you can trust! Not only do you get prompt, honest and reliable service, but it can be backed up with emailed photos to accompany the estimate. Having our daughter’s car break down while away at college was frustrating to say the least. It didn’t take long for us to realize we were in good hands with Jerry’s. To top it off they drop you off and pick you up from home, school or work, so having your car in the shop is barely a hiccup in your daily routine. What service! Thanks Jerry!!

  2. Wow Sonja thanks for the all the kind words! Hope that the Subarus continue to run well for you. It’s great to see your comments on our new blog and I hope that you will be frequent visitor and commentor.

    Blog on! :>)


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