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Hey Check It Out…

Check Engine LightMaybe your car or truck is trying to tell you something? When you see the Check Engine Warning Light come on think of it as a cry for help from your engine. When you have this checked out and taken care of chances are that your engine will run better and reward you with better performance and fuel economy and when that happens think of it as a big “Thank you!” from your car or truck. -Jerry


  1. My son is going to college over there, he came home (Maple Valley) this last weekend with a check engine light. His license tabs were about to expire and required an admissions test. Well of coarse it failed, O2 heat sensor was the read out. Had it confirmed by a garage next door. Got a waiver for the car so i could get it licensed. It looks to me like there is 2 senors. Could you give me a price on parts and labor. Its a 2004 Honda Accord LX, 4 door ,4 cylinder, manual trans.

    • Hi Steve, I sent you an email today with the info that you requested. Let me know when you receive it. Thanks! -Jerry

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