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Every once in a while you lose your head…

CRVCylinderHeadWith today’s improved technology and manufacturing it’s not that often that we run into an engine with a valve failure. This cylinder head belonging to a 2000 Honda CR-V has just been installed after having been removed and then repaired at the machine shop. Cylinder #4 exhaust valve had failed on a cross country drive to Pullman. This engine will provide many more miles of service after this repair has been completed.



  1. The EXACT thing happened to me Tuesday, the 9th. Check engine light went on and was flashing. We noticed the engine was misfiring but still running with cruise control. We stopped at the Honda dealerin PA. They told us it was no compression in cylinder four and that it was warped. It would cost us $4300 to get a used engine or $3800 to new head replacement. Everything else is in good shape. 146,000 miles and 12 years old.
    Is it worth it to fix the car?

    • Yeah that’s a question that needs to be answered at the customer level. It you took the $3800 – $4300 and bought another used car would you have a car better than the present car with a fixed up motor?

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