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Jerry's Auto Repair Shop Door

The shop door at Jerry's Auto Repair is a place where people drop by for casual conversation. We talk about cars, road trips and good times, car and truck problems, your customer experience...or whatever is on your mind.

SEL Clock is a Welcome Addition to Our Waiting Room…!

The waiting room here at Jerry’s Auto Repair recently received a really nice upgrade in the form of a new SEL (model 3401) digital clock. The clock was purchased for our shop and installed by some very nice family members who are employed at Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories here in Pullman. (Thank you! You know who you are!) The clock is…

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Prevent YOUR Transmission from being a statistic…!

Every year dozens of car, SUV, and truck transmissions fail and require replacement. The majority of these failures could have been prevented with regular transmission fluid service. Most manufacturers are recommending service intervals of 30,000 miles for vehicles using petroleum based transmission fluid and intervals of 60,000 miles for most newer vehicles requiring synthetic transmission fluid. We do it better with BG…

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Latest Technologies for Professional, Accurate Diagnosis and Repair…

Lighter. Faster. Smarter. More flexible. The most powerful diagnostic & information system, Versus Pro offers the flexibility of keyless, wireless scanning and Wi-Fi. We can stay connected and have the freedom to work on your vehicle from anywhere in the service bay. When you have diagnostic work done here at Jerry’s you get the best technicians using the most advanced equipment. The result?…

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