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Jerry's Auto Repair Shop Door

The shop door at Jerry's Auto Repair is a place where people drop by for casual conversation. We talk about cars, road trips and good times, car and truck problems, your customer experience...or whatever is on your mind.

Time Out for Timing Belts…

Timing Belt

   It’s not a bad idea to get back to basics. Many new customers visiting Jerry’s Auto Repair are surprised when we bring up the topic of the Timing Belt for their car or truck. You can’t even see this Belt unless the engine is partially disassembled. And a bit more problematic is the fact that inspecting the Timing Belt is…

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Summer is Here…is Your Vehicle Ready?

BG Fluid Tray

Summer brings great weather and higher temperatures -something we humans appreciate. But it can be a trying time for your car or truck. Is your vehicle ready for higher temperatures? Because of our partnership with the BG Corporation Jerry’s Auto Repair can help you get your vehicle ready by checking and servicing fluids as needed: Engine Oil, Automatic and Manual…

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Hey That’s Cool…Or Is it ???

Air Conditioning

Hey you’re pretty cool, right? If not don’t wait until it’s hotter than the 4th of July to get your Air Conditioning serviced. Why not get it done now and enjoy being cool right away? Hey that IS cool! :>) (Image courtesy of