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The shop door at Jerry's Auto Repair is a place where people drop by for casual conversation. We talk about cars, road trips and good times, car and truck problems, your customer experience...or whatever is on your mind.

What does YOUR Cabin Air Filter Look Like…?

Cabin Air Filter

The Cabin Air Filter shown at  the bottom of the picture belonged to a 2002 Subaru Outback. The customer was complaining that the volume of air coming out of his Air Conditioning vents was way too low. When technician Russell removed the Cabin Air Filter for inspection he found this plugged up Cabin Air Filter. If that wasn’t enough it also…

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Big Repair or Little Repair…it takes an expert to know

Auto Trans

This is all that’s left of a defective 4L60E Automatic Transmission belonging to a 2000 Oldsmobile Bravada. This particular transmission is known for problems with the Reaction Sun Shell -a key internal transmission part. Although Jerry’s Auto Repair doesn’t have “Transmission Repair” as a part of our name we perform dozens of Automatic Transmission Repairs as a part of our regular workflow….

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Misbehaving Volvo…


This 1998 S70 had it’s share of problems: A broken Radiator, a broken Coolant Recovery Tank, and a broken Recovery Tank Cap. The culprit is likely to have been a Thermostat sticking in the closed position -creating a boiling and over-pressurized Cooling System. -Jerry