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A Tale of Deficit Charging…

001Pictured to the left is our shop’s portable jumper battery that we use for vehicles who arrive with a dead or discharged battery. Something that we see fairly often in our college town is a situation where a student starts his/her car and then drives a very short distance to class. Later the car is driven the short distance back to their house or apartment. After a while their battery “goes dead” and the vehicle is towed to our shop -only to find that all that is needed a simple battery re-charge. You see when you start your car or truck you make a “withdrawal” from your electrical system’s “bank” -aka the “storage battery” or simply “the battery.” Driving a very short distance each day does not give the alternator (charging system) time to replenish the battery. More is being taken out of the battery each day than what is being put back in. After days and weeks of this kind of driving there is “nothing left” in the battery and it “goes dead.” The solution for this is quite simple. For people who do this kind of driving we recommend a weekly highway trip to Mocow and back -which gives the alternator enough time to fully re-charge the battery for the next week’s commuting.


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